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AnBinh Face Mask 4 Layers Of Protection
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6.9 x 3.7 (inch)
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Instructions for use:

1. Pull and extend the mask with two hands and be sure to have the nose clip facing upward.
2. Hold the white side of the mask to your face and pull the elastic bands to your ears.
3. Press the nose clip to fit the shape of the nose. Pull it down to cover the mouth and chin.

1. This mask is suited for single use only; do not reuse.After use, please dispose of it properly to avoid contact by others.
2. This mask is not suited for workplaces with open flames and harsh dust environments.
3. Readjust mask if air leak seems obvious.
4. Stop use if you have problems breathing after wearing the mask, or discontinue use after 4 hours.

Store in a non-corrosive environment at humidity <80% and temperature <104°F (40°C).

Shelf Life:
2 years under ideal conditions.

Product Disposable Protective Mask
- Construction: 4 Layer Non-Woven Fabric, Nose Clip, Elastic Ear Loops
- Material: Non-Woven Fabric (inner & outer layers), Melt-Blown Cloth (filter layers)
- Protection Level: A Level (suitable for severe pollution)
- Filteration Efficiency: ≥ 99%
- Suggested Duration of Use: ≤ 4 hours
- Disinfection Method: UV
- Standards: 50 pieces
- Size: 6.9" x 3.7"

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